BMW F8X M3/M4 Custom Bootmod3 OTS Tune

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  • 561whp 513wtq 26psi 93 octane. stock turbo
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Product Description

This tune is for our existing M3/M4 Bootmod customers looking for a custom map for additional power, specific track racing or valet! Our F8X M3/M4 tune offers an additional switchable map that enhances your already standard Bootmod performance to fit your specific customization while maintaining your factory style power delivery. This does not override your existing tune. It is an additional map that you can switch as you see fit. We modify the OTS parameters and flash your ECU based on your modifications and performance needs. Every tune is modified in-house. The customers who bring their car to our facility get to take advantage of our enclosed dyno room with up to 90 mph airflow to provide the closest real life testing and output. Our remote tuning clients may use the data logging features offered with their existing Bootmod 3. Please be sure to include of list of your existing Bootmod 3 feature with your build-sheet or any additional features you like to change with your Custom TuningTech FS map. A new OTS file is required for the custom tune.

 The custom map does not delete any of your preferred Bootmod 3 features i.e. 

  • Cold Start delete
  • DCT Tune
  • Speed limiter removal
  • SES Delete for Catless cars (off road use only)
  • GTS Inspired features (i.e. Throttle Overrun, etc.)

noun-435.pngDownload, complete and upload the REMOTE TUNE BUILD SHEET to complete your purchase.


 The following stages will vary based on the specific mods in your custom tune. If your modifications are beyond the following features ( i.e. meth injections, upgraded turbo etc.) please contact us for pricing. 

Stage 1 Tune:

  • Expected gains- Approximately 75 wheel horsepower and 90 wheel torque. 
  • Estimate power is based on 93 Octane.
  • Aftermarket Charge pipe is recommended.

Stage 2 Tune: 

  • Expected gains- Approximately 85 wheel horsepower and 115 wheel torque. 
  • Estimate power is based on 93 Octane.
  • Requires Charge pipe, down-pipes or 200 Cell catalytic converter.

Stage 3 Tune:

  • Expected gains- Approximately 110 wheel horsepower and 125 wheel torque. 
  • Estimate power is based on 93 Octane.
  • Requires Charge pipe, down-pipes and inter-cooler.