E9X M3 Rod Bearing & ARP Bolts Overhaul Kit

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Product Description

Similar to its predecessor the BMW M3 has been famous for her red bearing needs. It is our understanding that they should be replaced as a preventative measure before 80,000 miles. This package is the most complete rod bearing kit available and includes not just the latest BMW part numbers on bearings, but also everything else that should be replaced with the oil pan and front subframe off the car.

In early 2011 BMW released an updated rod bearing that uses different materials than the original design. The old rod bearings were constructed with several layers or metal, including copper and lead. If an engine oil analysis revealed high levels of these specific metals then it was a sure sign that the rod bearings were nearing replacement. However, the new BMW bearings do not use copper or lead so an oil analysis will not alert you to heavy bearing wear or failure. Replacing the rod bearings requires mechanical knowledge and skill, a clean workspace, and several specialist tools please do not attempt to do this as a DIY project. 

The kit includes:

- 11247841703, Genuine BMW rod bearings upper bearings
- 11247841702, Genuine BMW rod bearings lower bearings 
- 11137841085, oil pan gasket
- 07129905537, oil pan screws (required by BMW)
- 07129905599, oil pan screws (required by BMW)
- 07129905600, oil pan screws (required by BMW)
- 10W60 Oil change kit (includes oil filter)
- ARP rod bolts
- Red Line engine assembly lube
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**If you are interested in having the bearings WPC coated through this package please contact us for special pricing. **