Dyno Tuning

Tuning Tech FS offers personalized performance tuning sessions at our top of the line dyno tuning facility in Crofton, MD.  Our tuning shop houses a DynoCom DC-5000 FX AWD linked dynamometer set inside a sound proof, climate controlled dyno room. We have the ability to test and tune 2WD, AWD and FWD vehicles. Our dyno tuning sessions are geared to fit individual performance needs and provide an exclusive tuning experience that delivers guaranteed results.  We specialize in performance tunes for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes,Toyota/Lexus, Audi, Range Rovers, Mini, Volkswagen, and more.  TTFS offers engine tunes that improve horsepower, torque, driveability and overall performance.  Performance tuning options include ECU tuning through flashing over OBD, ECU tuning via bench flashing, piggyback systems and EMS systems (AEM, Haltech, Fueltech, etc).  

Contact us for more performance tuning information and pricing for your make & model.

 Dyno tuning at Tuning Tech FS:

1. Before booking your appointment, be sure that your vehicle is ready to be dyno tuned.  Please download our Dyno-Ready Checklist to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the dyno and to avoid set-backs and additional costs.   Keep in mind that our dyno tuning service is not for the purpose of fixing mechanical problems, rather it is to enhance your vehicle's normal performance. You must ensure your vehicle is in optimal operating condition prior to tuning or additional charges will apply. 

2.  Send us an email or call 443-482-5197 to schedule your dyno tuning appointment.  

3.  Confirm your tuning appointment.                                                                                                                                   

4.  Please complete a Dyno Waiver and Vehicle Information sheet and bring it to your appointment. 

5.  Upon arrival, we will inspect your vehicle to ensure it is ready to be tuned.

6.  Your vehicle will then be loaded on to our AWD linked dyno and tuned as to your specifications. 





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