TTFS is proud to announce Custom Tuning for Lexus!

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At Tuning Tech FS (TTFS) we can tune almost every make and model. We recently added Toyota/Lexus to our long list of tunes we offer. We have not been this excited about a platform for a while. The TTFS team is spending countless hours doing R&D and testing so we can bring new advancements and innovations to this community. We will be offering remote tuning without the removal of the ECU starting in a matter of weeks! To date tuning this platform has been very successful. Below we have included some graphs and pictures of the cars we have tuned.

2008 LEXUS ISF. Modifications: Borla Catback Exhaust, Sikky Headers, and TTFS Custom Tune

2008 Lexus ISF Modifications: Stock Headers, Gutted primary and Gutted Secondary Cats, Catback Exhaust System, AFE Drop in Air Filter, TTFS Custom Tune

2007 IS250 AWD Auto Trans 81k Bone Stock with TTFS Custom Tune

2006 IS350 RWD Auto Trans 112k Bone Stock with TTFS Custom Tune

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