Tuning Tech FS developing dual HPFP fuel system upgrade for the BMW F87 M2 N55B30T0 motor

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This is great news for those who do not necessarily want to add supplemental port fuel injection or drown their motors in methanol. Tuning Tech FS (Frank Smith) has tested a dual HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) system on their F87 M2 for close to a year now which will allow much more fueling headroom while retaining the direct injection system.

It is currently on the TTFS M2 as well as a customer's track car in Texas that has a turbo upgrade from Pure Turbos:

"We have busy finalizing the testing and pricing structure of the TTFS Dual Fuel Pump Upgrade. Our upgrade system has been running on two 2015 BMW M2, TTFS' for almost a year and a customer's in Texas for five months. Both M2s are now running Pure Stage 2 turbos. Our customer's M2 in Texas is a road course car."

The system is working well on the roadcourse.

As for the power it will support that range is roughly ~600 whp.

The system itself is a custom retrofit of the S55 dual HPFP system. The kit will include all the necessary hardware with much of it made up of factory BMW parts.

Once this product is finalized and released later this year expect a price point around $5k.

TTFS is also considering additional platforms for this dual HPFP retrofit in the future at a lower price point.

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