Dyno Testing

Tuning Tech FS is a reputable premier dyno facility equipped with an in-house DynoCom DC-5000 AWD linked dyno and professional diagnostic scan tools.  We have the ability to dyno test 2WD, AWD and FWD vehicles and provide accurate readings of the horsepower and torque your vehicle's engine is producing.  Each personalized dyno testing session includes three pulls on the dyno, air fuel ratio readings and copies of all dyno graphs.

Tuning Tech FS has on site mechanical and performance experts that can make performance upgrade recommendations.  We also have professional diagnostics scan tools, such as Autologic and PWIS, that can diagnose mechanical issues with your vehicle.  

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment! 

Dyno services available:

         Dyno Tuning:                 Prices starting at $450

         Dyno Testing:                Price $300 (Includes 3 pulls and USB with data graphs)

         Remote Tuning:             Prices starting at $450

         Diagnostics:                  $220/hour (Includes use of diagnostic scanner such as: Autologic, PWIS, etc..)

         On-site Track Support:   Contact us for pricing   

Dyno testing at Tuning Tech FS:

1.  Dyno testing appointments are necessary. Call 410-972-1997, or email us to schedule your appointment.  

2.  Be sure your vehicle is ready to be dyno tested. Use our Dyno Ready Checkist to ensure you are prepared and to avoid set-backs.   Keep in mind that our dyno testing service is not for the purpose of fixing mechanical problems, rather it is to test and obtain data about how much power your vehicle is making. Diagnotics and dyno tuning are additional services.

3.  Please complete a Dyno Waiver and Vehicle Information Sheet and bring it to your appointment. 

4.  Upon arrival, we will inspect your vehicle to ensure it is ready to be tested.

5.  Your vehicle will then be loaded on to our AWD linked dyno and three dyno pulls will be performed.  

6.  You will be provided copies of all dyno graphs.

7.  A tuning and modifications consultation can be scheduled upon request. 


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