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Tuning Tech FS is owned and operated by Frank Smith, a long time tuner, engine builder, and racer with over 20 years of experience in the industry.  Frank's dedication to quality results and exclusive customer service have shaped his unparalleled reputation.  His tuning talent and proven results rank Frank Smith among the best tuners in the world.

As former founder and owner of South Florida Performance (SFP), in Miami, FL,  Frank used his expertise with domestic muscle cars, engines, and chassis to pioneer the imports revolution in the late 90s.  He was among the first to compete at the professional level on the NHRA Sport Compact series. His superior engine building and tuning skills propelled his team to achieve groundbreaking results in these extremely competitive classes.  All the while, Frank traveled all over the Caribbean and South America racing, tuning and consulting for race teams.  After relocating to the mid-Atlantic in 2007 and a few trips to Europe, Frank's focus and passion turned to the European automotive performance market.  He used his vast engine building and tuning expertise to make custom remote tuning a reality for high-end imports. With a trusted team of software experts, Frank brought to the BMW performance market custom data logging solutions and the ability to re-flash factory DMEs with performance tunes for the BMW E46, E39 and E92 M.  Frank and his team have continued enhancing and developing new tuning technology that will improve driveability, power, and usability to levels never thought possible. Today, Tuning Tech FS specializes in performance tuning for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota/Lexus and more.   It is Frank's personal goal to be the leader in cutting-edge ECU performance tuning.  

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