BMW F Series Bench Flashing by Tuning Tech FS

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Last weekend we had this beautiful Sakhir Orange F80 M3 come to our facility for a flash tune on the bench. TTFS offers bench flashing for all F Series BMW's. Having your ECU tuned directly is a true form of tuning compared to the piggyback options available on the market. We do offer our own piggyback system for those consumers who feel that is a better option for them. A benefit of having your ecu bench flashed is that it will not show on the flash counter as long as you do not flash it again over OBD. 

Back to the beautiful F80 M3 that was in for a tune, it had no performance modifications other than upgraded air filters and M Performance muffler.  Please see the final results in the graph below. 

At TTFS we are automotive enthusiasts with a love for BMW's. Between the entire team and family we have: F30 335i M Sport, F87 M2, E46 M3, F82 M4, Fl0 M5, and E70 X5. All tuned by TTFS. Frank Smith has over 20 years of experience tuning all makes and models of vehicles. Although TTFS tunes everything our focus in the past 5 years has concentrated on the European platforms. Please come stop by our shop or check out our website.