BMW E9X M3 Custom Supercharger Tune (2008-2013)

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Product Description

Most Supercharger companies offer a generic tune for their kits. At TTFS, we offer custom tunes for enthusiasts who want to enhance their kit and exhaust modifications for their specific vehicle. We offer E85 and race tunes for the track enthusiast who wants to maximize power for events or track days. 

Tune Includes:

  •  Custom Tune
  •  ProTuner, ProLogger, & cable

Key Features: 

  • Reprogrammed vanos control for maximum drivability
  • Upgrade the ECU to the newest BMW software version 240E
  • Re-calibrated settings for a smoother and better responsive part throttle
  • Re-calibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive power delivery
  • Raised RPM thresholds in sepecific gears

Data Logging Software features:

  • Identify your ECU and the software currently loaded
  • Update your vehicles engine software to the latest version from BMW
  • Flash the vehicle with Performance software suited to your specifications
  • Flash the vehicle back to stock programming
  • Read fault codes from the engine control unit
  • Clear service engine soon lights and fault codes
  • Clear adaptation data

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noun-435.pngDownload, complete and upload the REMOTE TUNE BUILD SHEET to complete your purchase.

Please download and review the installation instructions and videos below.  You will also need to download BMW iFlash below and ProLogger files below once you have received your cable.


Tuning Download: i_Flash_BMW_Installation



ProLogger:  Installation Videos:   1-1.jpg  


      3.jpg     installation-guides-image.jpg